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* Define At least two main topics to work on.

* Create / Collect / Select any text/sound Material related to the main topics.

* Categorize your material in lists, depending on their content/Form.

* Control your dramaturgy by arranging your files in the playlists of the (CANVAS).  


* text

* text and sound

* text or sound

" In the software (CANVAS) a variety of text materials such as historical documents, personal diary entries or interviews and audio tracks are fed in. The software randomly creates a new performance, consisting out of sections where Sound and Text are colliding, from the database for each evening and offers an improvisational basis for the performer. The Textinput and the timeline of the generated show is visible for the performer as well for the audience. " Désirée Meul

Concept CANVAS: Meher Awachri

Programming CANVAS: Désirée Meul

Produced by Volcano Theatre

The pilote project / 


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