This is an adaptation Tunisian Collaborative Painting Method to the stage work.

Form of work /

There must be at least three artists with a maximum of 5. There is a conceived Concept. The concept designer starts the creation time and says when it is finished. Anyone can make a proposal at any time and anyone can build on any anyone else‘s proposal. A proposal could be a whole scene or only an instruction. One scene can take a maximum of two days to be completed. We don't discuss our proposals or instructions during the work. The concept designer is appointed an arbiter to settle disputes. If one of the artists thinks that the scene is finished, he raises his hand and the arbiter takes a vote. Only a majority of the artists can declare a scene finished. Every end of a week we make a full rehearsal while we put all the scenes we created together, after that we make an open talk to discuss the whole work.

The pilote project / 

R.C.D​ (transmedia performances)

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