UFOproject (transmedia movie)

The movie is curatorial  art platform, where the story lines open the windows to other projects, where the user can watch a movie and unhook a hidden patterns that lead to other artists evolved, deeply enough to  present their artistic view and their creative process moving back and forward from the starting point to the last results . 

exemple :

- In one of the sequence in  the movie, a character surprised by a video  projected on his car  .

- A signe will appear on the screen that alert the user, that he can go to learn more about that  projected video and the artist behind.  

- The user can watch the whole video on the same application, traveling freely between any  of the art projects that compose the whole movie. 

- The inspiration story  behind every single related project will be presented in different storytelling media (motion graphics, visual reportages,  music video, audio books, video tutorials ... ) 

The movie will  be presented throuw four platforms ;


​Websites (text.graphic.publications)  / Streets (urban installations.art events. social project) / social Media  (instagram.facebook.youtube)  / the.voyager.earth (subscription video on demand platform )

Introduction to the starting movie/ 


My mom said that as a baby if I cried a lot, she just put a radio close to me and switched it on, then I, magically, calmed down immediately. My older brother was always putting the radio on when we went to sleep... I learned storytelling from after-midnight podcasts. At my circumcision party I was watching cartoons in my room while people were partying on the roof, and, finally, my first Windows 95 PC was indeed my first robot. My fascination for technology didn't lead me to be interested in sciences, but in the arts.

The UFOproject is a transmedia cross-genre movie, a poetic experience based on my own lived experiences with the first display device I physically interacted with up to the latest display technology I own. The movie also relates to the importance of the internet for enhancing my knowledge during the dictatorship in Tunisia, and especially the YouTube activism during the Arab spring.The movie presents the common photo problems (blown-out highlights, noise, oversaturation, heavy shadows, halos, red-eye, muddiness, fuzziness, blur, distortion) as environmental disasters. Manipulated by Aliens, the world enters an apocalyptic time informed by fear, confusion and questioning.  



Aliens install their machines everywhere, and take over the cities. An entity is sent to get an intimate look at people in the streets. The entity is depicted as an image distortion that evolves from a picture noise to a transparent high quality view. The perspective of the entity changes from the view of an infant to that of the first analogue camera to the view of the latest digital camera. The perspective of the individuals on the entity shifts from fear to intimacy to a complete fusion.

Story Line/


UFOproject is an interactive movie filmed with and for smartphones. It has layers like the smartphone touch screen where you can access each layer separately while watching. In each sequence of the movie there are graphically integrated touch screen spots that link the user to other layers in the movie. The first layer is the movie. The second layer is an animated storyboard version of the movie with links to selected educational YouTube videos and channels related to the topics of the movie. The third layer presents the structure of the movie including links to the artistic and scientific references presented in technical drawings.


Most of the movie will be seen from the entity’s perspective; it travels in space, moving between and through objects and characters. The other characters in the movie are filmed in natural environments surrounded by random people. It’s a mix between reportages and fictional scenes with real actors.


All the other main characters don't change their positions in the outdoor scenes (roads, public spaces, public institutions, conventional art spaces).They remain still while they are more active in the indoor scenes  (houses, buildings, rooms, offices, cars, tents). The entity is the protagonist of the movie, and its perspective changes throughout three evolutionary cycles: the evolution of the human eye, the evolution of digital imaging, and the evolution of the video. At the end of the movie the entity exchanges its own perspective with that of a human being.

What if the photon has a mass?

Different masses.

They pass through the body like through a hole in paper.

Big ones crash entire houses.

After the explosion they suspend in the air.

They block the entire area ...


The smallest are in the size of a grain of sand.

It takes time to realise the damage in the body.

In hospitals people have holes in their body,

But no blood!


Are the allies really innocent slaves?

They are stealing us, some try to attack us.

We should fight ... Back!

All of that is gone!!!

If this is a lesson, I don't want to listen.

Is it an attack ? Is it a call?

I say ... things need time.


Urban art installations are the focal point of the movie. Action arena related situation.


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